Monday, December 9, 2013

Wrapping It Up

 I researched my passion of learning. I LEARNED that some careers to go in if you enjoy learning would be ones that deal with computers. This knowledge can be used to direct someone with a similar passion in a good direction. This also lets them make decisions in schooling. Including what classes to take.
Our project finish is very simple. We contacted Mr. Hamme to ask him about our 20 Time. After explaining the details he said it would be a good idea to further Sandy's idea. He received an email to get Play 60 to visit the school. He recommended us to keep in contact with home. He also has a friend that could help us out.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Realizations Through Passion

Through my passion of learning anything is possible. Learning is how you understand things and allows you to incorporate them in your everyday life. For a career I want to learn about computers because I feel as though technology is shaping society more than ever today. I would like to become a software engineer because i like computers and i realize that this would help me learn more about them if I pursued a career like this. I dont like that it is very difficult to get into a good college like Massachussets Institute of Technology (which is where I would like to go). I also like the challenge that it presents and I am ready to take it on. I appreciate the fact that software engineers salaries look better than most professions.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Learning Lessons Through 20 Time

Through 20 Time teaching me how to present was probably the most valuable lesson so far. Because this is a skill or a task that needs to be used everyday. Whether you are an adult in the work force, or a student presenting your 20 Time project, these are necessary for good grades, good jobs, raises, and etc.. What gets you noticed in commercials is how the information is being presented. No one is interested in a dull speaker with loads of facts. They want to be excited even if they have no interest in what you are trying to present or sell.

           This skill will help out a lot because we still need to do speeches at the end of the semester. This skill doesn't even necessarily need to be used only in school and in the workplace. When you ask your parents to do certain things they always want you to have some kind of backup information. If you present well you parents or peers would be persuaded to let you do what you think is just.

Reflection of Pitch Day

On pitch day I was able to evaluate my skills as a presenter. Not only were my skills developed, but I was able to see what work I have done thus far. I received advice and I took it in to consideration. I was surprised that I stayed focused and it was probably due to me practicing the night before. I wish I would have had more formal attire to dress in, but other than that I was really impressed with Sandy's and my performance. If only we would have evaluated that way during the actual grading time.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Working in the "Real World"

While working in the "real world" I have learned that people aren't always interested in what I have to say. One experience I had was contacting the Pensylvania Department of Education. This enhanced my problem solving because I had to problem solve when I had bad internet connection. This has taught me life skills because I had to speak with an authority figure, which I will need to do in life.

Another way i found myself working in the real world was by setting up appointments. Usually my parents are constantly setting up my doctors appointments and school appointments. This was a really different thing for me so I felt more mature. This was a wonderful experience that put me in the role of an adult.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Contacting the Authority

I contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Education first. I asked if this was the correct number. I was transferred to a male and I explained my process to him. He was trying to recommend certain other resources to find my information, but I was unaware of what he was talking about. That was my main issue. I also had really poor internet connection so I may have dialed the wrong number.

It was hard to find a time frame where I was free to call because my schedules so busy. I'm going to call again soon to ask questions and state my business. This taught me that you should have a plan when you go to do something. This is a very big step in problem solving. This prevents me from being able to perform other tasks if I cannot complete this step.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Learning is My Passion

          Can you imagine doing a task that requires your attention for several hours? If you are
working on a project, or trying to build something. You'll get tired or bored of doing that particular
task for a long time. This ties into my plan for schools. The solution to doing these particular tasks
are breaks. In the elementary level kids have a major break known as recess. This helps kids not
get irritated or bored with the work. This creates a strong working environment in schools. My plan is
to create some sort of break time during the school day other than lunch.

           I chose this topic because I have a passion for learning. I always like to learn new things. I
often teach myself new things, and if the task involves many hours of work I often take breaks. I
think giving more break time through school would be a great way to help get teens through school.
This is research on how kids reacted towards recess.